Innovation in Tough Times Changes the Tanning World for the Better

Tanning industry leader just made creating a salon more cost effective, flexible and easier. TanWall™, manufacturer of modular salon wall systems understanding the challenges based on the economy and the changes and the need to be more eco-friendly, has just launched a new website using the latest in technology.

web-screenshot-061509-posting-01Originally Posted on PRWEB, June 11, 2009 — A California based manufacturer of modular salon walls and other tanning products has unveiled a new website for the tanning industry. The new site integrates friendly navigation, as well as an inviting UI, blogging, and an expandable framework. The new has been developed to take advantage of the current market with the latest in Web 2.0 and SEO techniques, and to showcase the wide range of products and choices TanWall has to offer.

In this industry, style and colors dominate the market place. Customers trying to achieve an edge over their competition and take market share from their area look to TanWall. From European styles that provide a euro look and feel to a Mediterranean color scheme with soft colorful ceramics and light ocean colors such as light lavenders and terra cotta tiles, the options and looks are only limited by the imagination.

Recently, TanWall has introduced reception counters and point of purchase displays to accent their walls. With so many colors for every product you will be tempted to sample several combinations. The new website allows you to do just that–dream, imagine, and visualize the look for your personalized salon. In the end you may add a unique touch to your shop or perhaps brand your franchise. TanWall and its staff of designers can assist you in designing the exact look and feel you want for your image.

kristina-quote-061509-posting-01TanWall has been designing rooms for over two decades. Its parent company, Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc., has built well over 10,000 projects in 17 countries since its inception in 1989. “We are constantly working with salon owners daily and trying new colors styles to not only fit their personality but their vision”, says Kristina Admire, National Sales Manager for TanWall.

TanWall is part of Allied Modular Building Systems, with manufacturing facilities in Nashville, Tennessee and Orange, California. Since 1989, Allied Modular Building Systems has secured its reputation as the best in the modular industry and with the recent growth of the tanning salon trade Allied Modular saw the need for an easier approach to the unique situations presented by salon designs. After providing more than a million square feet of office space, Allied Modular Building Systems launched TanWall™, providing an industry first with the innovation of SceneSations™ and SalonWall™.

For further information please call toll-free at 866-Tan-Wall or (866) 826-9255 or visit our website

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