TanWall “Get a Room!” Model: Who Is She?

Vanessa Pulido

Vanessa Pulido

After TanWall Modular Walls released its much talked about “Get a Room!” campaign at the 2008 ITA World Tanning Show there was a major buzz: Who is the new TanWall model?

Kristina Admire, National TanWall Sales Manager, says, “We had salon owners and vendors calling and emailing to ask, ‘Who is your model? She’s beautiful!’”

TanWall’s beautiful model is Vanessa Pulido. Vanessa is more than a pretty face: she recently celebrated her sixth year with TanWall Modular Walls. Unbelievably enough, in her day-to-day work life she is not a model—but she could be! Vanessa is TanWall’s Purchasing Manager, and she plays a huge role in talking with designers about what colors are going to be hot for the next season.

Stay tuned for more appearances from TanWall’s model Vanessa Pulido! We absolutely love her!

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