TanWall™ is Now Offering Black Modular Salon Walls.

Tanning Salons Walls Are Now In Black

Black Licorice TanWalls

The fast growing Tanning Industry is a business where image is everything. Tanning Salon Owners are in the trade to tan their clients giving them a healthy glow making them look and feel fantastic. Well it doesn’t stop there; Salon Owners are continually striving to achieve a great ambiance at their salons as well to attract their clientele.

TanWall’s design team spends a lot of time researching what looks are hot and in demand for salon owners to make sure their salons stand out against their competition. What TanWall found is Black is Back! “Due to the overwhelming request by salon owners to create a lounge feel, Black was being asked for continually by our Salon Owners.” said Kristina Admire National TanWall Sales Manager. Kristina continues “My job is to make Salons look great and be successful; I listen to what the Salon Owners want and get my designers to make it available. A visit to the new TANWALL website will treat you to a variety of different colors and looks to match your brand identity including now TanWall’s new Black Licorice TanWall’s.

TanWall Modular Walls have been offering Salon owners an incomparable variety of upscale looks to choose from since inception. TanWall Modular Wall colors rage from contempory, to sheik wood grains to the new lounge inspired Black Licorice. Salon owner Lukasz Dabrowski comments “Going with TanWall Modular Walls for our 2 salons was an easy choice for us. We were trying to coordinate so many different vendors when you open a new business it was nice know that the TanWall’s were going to come already finished with the color on them. Lukasz continues “The TanWall’s instantly transform your salon in to ambiance you want a lot easier than hard construction with thankfully no painting!!”

For more information, you may visit the company website at WWW.TANWALL.COM or you can contact us here.

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