TanWall Exceptionally Successful at SMART TAN SHOW 2009

Smart Tan Show 2009 - Downtown in NashvilleThe 1st ever Smart Tan Show Downtown Nashville 2009 proved to be an exceptionally successful show for TanWall. TanWall was featured in multiple areas at the show. When walking through the entrance of the trade show you could spot 4 rooms that TanWall designed for PC Marketing. These rooms were showing off that “Black is Back”…..Black Licorice that is. Black Licorice is the name for TanWall’s black salon walls that are one of the newest color additions to the TanWall collection. PC Marketing’s rooms were framed out by TanWalls silver framing and upgraded painted metallic silver doors.

Moving to either side of the show floor to the back left or to the back right you could set your eyes on two separate areas where TanWall designed rooms for ETS. ETS chose to go with TanWalls sleek Rosewood TanWalls that are 1 of 3 colors choices from TanWalls Wood Grain Collection. ETS choose to frame out their walls with TanWalls silver framing and had their doors upgraded to a painted black.

Moving to the center of the show floor you couldn’t help but notice TanWalls huge overhead balloon and signage that stated “Your Image Starts Here” and “Get A Room”. Veteran salon owners will tell you that TanWall is the leader for Modular Walls in the Tanning Industry and Newbie’s to the Industry will know soon enough. TanWall is more than a place that salon owners can get their build out needs met for their salon. TanWall helps create your salon brand image. “Salon owners who own from one salon to multiple salons see how important creating a unique brand for their salons is and how ultimately that is the key to their success. TanWall is the perfect solution for building your image.  We can make our TanWalls, retail displays and desks meet any look you are trying to achieve” said National TanWall Design Manager Kristina Admire.

TanWall displayed a large island booth which consisted of new ideas for color schemes for salons for the upcoming 2010 season. One booth was a bright contemporary inspired white color with a red door paired with an accent of a graffiti style modern sconce lights in red. The other booth was an ultra modern room with upgraded silver laminate with bright blue poweder coated framing and a silver laminate door. The accent of this room was “bling” “bling” scone lighting that brought together an ultra futuristic look.  Also unveiled for the first time was TanWalls new retail display line and newest modern desk called the Château.  Both the retail line and the reception desk got rave reviews from salon owners along with TanWalls new 2010 colors.

With the largest color selection in the industry, this is just further proof that your Image Starts with TanWall. For further information call us 866-Tan-Wall or (866) 826-9255 or visit our website TanWall.com.

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