Staying Relevant

This month I’d really like to talk about staying relevant with your consumer.  Most salon owners do stay relevant and some go astray.  When we talk about staying relevant what is that mean?

Staying relevant is, “understanding your customers’ needs and wants” as they happen.  Along with technology your customer’s needs are ever changing. They may or may not be involved with technology or even in the tanning industry but their needs are still changing.

As we’ve seen in recent years communication and technology has certainly changed.  With the addition of twitter, face book and my space just to name a few.  Utilizing and leveraging these to your consumers is extremely important.  Although this might only be 3, 4 or 5% of your customers currently it’s definitely growing.  Start thinking of the ways you can leverage this because it’s not going away.  Sending out specials during your slow times is always a way to pick a business.

As trends and styles change, so should your salon.  Your consumers watch TV listen to radio and follow trends and styles.  Just look at the close they wear, is that he and now?  You need to know what’s in and what’s not.

The neighborhood you reside in is also ever changing.  As the young get old, the neighborhood transitions from young children to teenagers, then from teenagers to adults.  After that you have a retirement community of sorts and smaller customer base.  You need to pay attention to where you’re at in the curve. Not all areas are college towns where the endless flow of college students comes in and out of your salon.

Some things never change; a clean store will never go out of style.  I can’t tell you how many salons I’ve visited that are cluttered and disorganized.  An organized person will notice this right away.  A disorganized person may not notice but is that your core customer?  If you lose one customer to a disorganized and cluttered store you’ve lost too many.

The store’s appearance also has to stay relevant.  I recently visited a store near a college that was decorated with a college logo everywhere.  It was a great looking salon however the school logo had changed since they last updated it.  It appeared to be an old school location instead of having school spirit and part of the community.  This store was certainly not relevant to their customer anymore.

When redesigning your store there are a few designs that never go out of style.  Clean, simple and organized never goes out of style.  Colors may fade in and out and designs may change but clean never will.

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