Tantations: The New “Tanning Facility” on the Block

TantastionsThe Venture:
Michael Loomis began working on a business plan for a new tanning salon, soon to-be- called Tantations. As a first-time salon owner, Michael wanted an easy, efficient, and cost effective solution for his build-out needs.

The Challenge:
Tantations needed to be more then just a one-store-wonder. Michael wanted a build solution that was so cost effective he could see himself expanding his business from one salon to a multi-location operation. Conventional construction methods for his rooms and walls just wouldn’t cut it, once he considered time and money. So Michael started exploring the possibility of using a modular wall system instead. And that’s when TanWall came into the picture about 6 months ago, when Michael approached us to consider the construction of a healthy number of rooms for his brand new tanning salon.

Tantastions Location #01 HallwayThe Solution:
TanWall’s Modular Wall System was exactly what Tantations needed. TanWall proved to be faster, easier and less messy then other construction methods. After some careful and thorough research, Michael soon discovered that TanWall’s system provided the flexibility, efficiency, and cost effectiveness in order to expand and develop Tantations into a competitive brand.

“I chose [TanWall’s Moduar Wall System]…” Michael explained, “…because they look amazing, pave the way for possible franchise opportunities and save money as you do not have the added expense of a contractor, building permits, or [missing] your deadline due to construction delays.” He went on to finish by saying, “Overall, TanWalls are one of the smartest investments you can make when building a salon!”

For Tantations, Michael chose Rosewood TanWalls with Bronze framing and stained the doors an upscale color to compliment the Rosewood walls. Michaels order, from approved to layout to manufacturing, took 2-3 weeks.

The Conclusion:
We can’t argue with Michael. TanWall’s Modular Wall System is the best investment you can make into your tanning salon.

Kristina Admire, National TanWall Design Manager, had this to add, “I hope many more entrepreneurs in the tanning industry may come to see TanWall as a simple way to build out a salon that creates a brand image along with a fast and repeatable process for future stores.” She also had this to say to Michael of Tantations, “I was so happy and excited to help you develop Tantations. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing the growth of your business and brand.”

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