Customer Retention: Establishing the Face of Your Tanning Salon

If you own a tanning salon you probably know how important it is to have a friendly and engaging employee at the front desk. They’re essentially the face of your tanning salon as far as your customers are concerned.

A large part of customer retention has to do with the customer’s comfort level when they come into your salon. A combination of clean, visually appealing tanning environments with personable employees goes a long way in securing the loyalty of your customers.

If customers come in to find the person at the front desk texting or talking with other employees or altogether ignoring them, they might not come back the next time if they don’t turn around and leave on the spot! A customer always wants to be the subject, not an object.

If you have your employees get to know your customers by name, your customers will feel welcome when they come into your salon and will most likely return. Tailor your services to each customer based on their habits. Do they have a favorite bed they always go to? A favorite lotion? Do they feel that their visit is a social occasion and not just something to “get done?”

It is the little things that keep your customers coming back.

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