It’s Starting to Feel Like Summer

It seems to me like it’s been a mild summer so far. Lots of cloud layers, cool breezes, mild sun rays, at least in California anyway.

But just this week, maybe a little earlier, I felt the heat go up noticeably. I can feel those rays getting stronger now. I don’t know about you but it seems like it’s really starting to feel like summer.

Supposedly the East Coast has been seeing some pretty high temperatures since last week themselves.

Anyways, now is a great time to get your tanning on. Get those bronze tones and you’ll know you’re protected from those UV rays. You can feel it. You get really tan and when the sun hits you it burns less and less. It feels great in my opinion.

I always just got really tan as opposed to putting on sun screen. I never cared for sunscreen: the feel, the smell, putting it on every hour or so, it just made going to the beach kind of a chore.  And now studies are starting to emerge that sun screen is not as good for you as they thought.

I rarely get burned, even after being outside for an hour or two because my skin becomes resistant to the UV rays. What’s better than laying out in the sun with a couple of drinks and a book?

I’m not saying you should abandon sun screen and just run around and get burned up. They say to be sensible and moderate with activities in the sun and I think that’s the best advice for this summer.

Hit the tanning salon and get a base tan, then get out in the sun and soak up some of those rays.

They’ve been making a big deal about Vitamin D lately. How we need to get out in the sun more and stop being so afraid of it. How the sun provides what vitamins and foods can’t. 

Intuitively I think they’re right. I feel great during the Spring and Summer when I get a lot of sun. Fall and Winter come around, and though I love the characteristics of all the seasons in their own way, I do find myself getting lethargic and tired during those seasons when I’m out of the sun more.  

Enjoy the sun everyone. But be sensible! Don’t overdo it.

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