The Undeniable Importance of Branding! Pt.3


Why build a brand?

In this age of information, the average consumer is constantly overloaded with purchase choices and business solicitations. As more and more choices in different categories of product become present, the more and more the consumer requires those choices to be made easily and quickly. The businesses that win out in the long run are businesses that have a great message that can be delivered to the consumer profoundly in a matter of seconds.

Sounds sort of intimidating right? How do you actually achieve this? Well, that is where brands come in.  

A brand serves as a sort of sign post for a location in your memory where all of the associations you have acquired for a specific business have been stored over time. As soon as you are shown that brand name or sign, all of the impressions and ideas you have about that company are evoked at once. That is how a brand can deliver such a profound message in such a short time.

What do you think of when you see those golden arches of McDonald’s? You think of tasty fast food that’s cheap and quick to pick up and you start getting a bit hungry perhaps! How about the Starbucks seal? You think of coffee and your experiences at Starbucks and maybe you feel like going for a cup right this moment.

It takes years of careful marketing and painstaking image-building to achieve the brands that those companies have achieved, but it really pays off. Look how huge and universal those companies are in the global consciousness. And all of it is packed right into that little brand name of theirs!

The reality of today’s marketplace is this: the marketplace is overcrowded with all sorts of companies promising their own unique, advantageous products. All the big companies have brands and they are the ones grabbing customers, so if you want to compete for customers in this modern marketplace, you need a brand for your product.

So to summarize, building a brand with a name, symbols, and themes and then associating that brand with everything great your salon has to offer is necessary for establishing your salon as a lasting business. A good brand gets the idea of your business right into the consumer’s head and presents them with all the great things your business stands for in a simplified, succinct manner. If you have a good brand personality, your customers will be loyal to you and will actually associate themselves with you. You will keep more customers and attract more by word of mouth as well. This is key if you want a prospering salon business in today’s crowded marketplace.

Now you know why building a brand can be so effective. In the next post, we will offer some suggestions as to how you can build your own brand.

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