The Undeniable Importance of Branding! Pt.4


How do I build my brand?

So maybe you’re convinced in the importance of building your brand. But maybe now you wonder how it is done. Below are several things you can do to start building your brand, or continue to improve on your existing brand. 

1. Develop your brand name.

Your brand name doesn’t have to be catchy, though that does help, it just needs to be unique and stand out. Try to come up with a unique name that suits the character of your tanning salon.

2. Think about your theme.

What’s the theme of your tanning salon? What colors are your customers going to associate with your salon? What sort of font could you use for your name? Again, your theme should be unique and stand out, but be appropriate to the character of your business.

3. Develop a symbol or sign.

Our Tan Wall brand features a sun behind the lettering. This makes our brand easy to recognize, even from a distance. Come up with a symbol to include next to your name to be associated with your business. Customers will start to recognize that symbol even when your name isn’t present.

4. Develop a slogan.

Think of what you want to say to your customers but keep it short! Make a slogan that says everything you want to convey to your customers and throw that out there whenever you mention your name. A good slogan will build even more familiarity with your brand.

After you have developed a brand name, symbol, and/or slogan, then you need to get it out there. Whenever you market your business, include your name in that specific font and throw in that symbol and slogan. Repetition will ingrain your brand into the minds of your customers.

The longer your brand is out there for people to see and the more frequent they see it, the more familiarity people will have with your brand. If your brand can be trusted when it comes to customer experience, people will be drawn to your salon because they know and trust your brand.

Next post, we will cover how to nurture your brand and how to equate it with associations such as good customer experience and favorable customer opinion of your company.

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