The Undeniable Importance of Branding! Pt.5

Nurture and maintain your brand for years to come.

So you’ve learned how to build your brand. However, anyone can come up with a brand name and some fancy themes and logos, so how do you get your brand to work the magic that those bigger brand names achieve? The key to developing a great brand is not only in the marketing, but the actual results and customer service your tanning salon can offer. Great, lasting brand names take years to accumulate all of the positive images and expectations that a consumer associates with the brand name. This article will offer some suggestions as to how you can start crafting a lasting brand that consumers will know and trust for their tanning needs.

Your salon:

The first step in shaping the associations behind your brand is providing a good, dependable service for your customers. You want your salon itself to represent all of the good intentions you have for your customers.

You probably developed a theme for your brand name, so make your salon  interior reflect that theme. You want a solid, consistent appearance when it comes to the face of your brand and the inside of your salon. Consistency will make it possible for customers to form an idea of what your brand is and keep it in their heads. Make the interior of your salon comfortable and atmospheric, but also keep in mind what sort of visual theme you want to represent your brand.

Always keep the interior of your salon clean and presentable. Make sure you have enough booths to be able to accommodate the customers that come in. Some of our suggestions in our previous post about establishing the face of your salon come into play here.   

Get to know your customers. Tailor your services to suit your customers’ individual needs and you will form an impression of distinguished services that your customer will remember about your brand and communicate to others about your brand as well.  


When you have a quality service to offer your customers that stands out, market that service! Emphasize the best things that your salon does when it comes to the industry as a whole.

Above all, be truthful about your salon. Emphasize what you do well, not what you claim to do well. If there are any discrepancies between what you claim and what the reality is, your brand is going to suffer a terrible blow.

With today’s social media outlets, this rule is more true than ever. Customers will report their experiences with your salon, which will spread fast on the internet. Company transparency is more important than ever in this information age, so be truthful about your claims.

Internal branding:

Internal branding is a big deal in modern branding strategy. Internal branding has to do with how your brand is perceived by your employees.

It is one thing to be able to deliver your services and market your ability to deliver those services, but if your employees aren’t on board with your brand, it is just as bad as having a salon full of dirty, malfunctioning tanning beds.

Your customers will deal with your employees just as much as they deal with your tanning booths. Your employees represent your salon brand to the same extent that the quality of your services and the attitude of your marketing represent your brand.

Make sure your employees know what your brand stands for and what your customers expect of your brand and make sure they are courteous and patient in fulfilling these expectations. Bad customer service will destroy your brand name.

Wrapping it up:

So remember, your brand name is not only a pretty symbol with a catchy name, a smart slogan, and a bunch of nice colors. Your brand embodies all of the associations your customers make with your salon. Your brand will evoke impressions of your facilities, of your customer service, and of your market presence and marketing personality. You want to make sure to carefully tailor all of those elements to reflect your central aims in conducting a tanning salon business.

If you can craft a solid brand from the ground up that your customers can associate with and identify with, you will have a powerful market presence and huge advantage in this highly competitive market.

That is the end of this article series. Good luck with your branding!

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