Summer Coming to a Close


The weather is gradually growing cooler and the sun’s intensity is diminishing as this summer is coming to a close. Now that more and more people are aware of the importance of Vitamin D, hopefully more people will head to the salon to get their much-needed dosage of Vitamin D. It will be interesting to see how the tanning industry does this winter in the wake of the Tan Tax.

Tanning Salons everywhere have been hurting from the tan tax. Grassroots efforts around the country have pitted local business owners against the unfair legislation passed this June by Congress. Small business owners are complaining that the tax is unfair to the predominantly middle class salon owners, hurting their business and jeopardizing possibly 1000’s of jobs.

Due to the increased concern of getting adequate Vitamin D, and faced with the fact that it is harder to get adequate levels of Vitamin D during the fall and winter seasons, hopefully more and more consumers will frequent tanning salons in the face of the added 10 percent tax. Vitamin D supplements aren’t that expensive either, but it remains to be seen if they are as effective as UV light. We will see if the emerging Vitamin D studies will encourage consumers to opt for indoor tanning to get their dosage of the vitamin.

After all, studies have shown that northern populations that don’t get enough sunlight have Vitamin D deficiencies and increased occurrence of certain cancers. Many people report depression and general sluggishness in the fall and winter seasons as well, suggesting that sunshine could be beneficial in many ways.

Indoor tanning salons are a great way to compensate that lack of sunshine in the fall and winter seasons. Again, it will be interesting to see what people have made of the Vitamin D reports when the fall and winter seasons come around this year, not to mention what the politicians think of their demonization of the tanning industry!

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One thought on “Summer Coming to a Close

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