To Stand or Not To Stand

Many tanners wonder what method of indoor UV tanning works best: standing up in a tanning booth or lying down in a tanning bed. This article will outline the pros and cons of both methods and then you can decide for yourself which method is best for you.

Tanning Booth Pros

  • More sanitary. The tanner is standing up in the booth, so the only point of contact of the tanner’s body is the soles of their feet on the booth floor. Less body contact means less chance of encountering unsanitary conditions.
  • Less points of skin contact mean a more even tan. In a tanning bed, skin is being pressed down onto the acrylic, possibly causing folds and obscuring regions of skin. All of the tanner’s skin is evenly tanned in a tanning booth, and the tanner can raise their arms and get harder to reach regions to tan.
  • Faster tan times. A tanning booth usually features more intense UV bulbs, so you get the same tan as a bed but in less time.


Tanning Booth Cons

  • Possibly uncomfortable. The tanner has to stand for the duration of the tanning session, possibly becoming tired.
  • More intense UV bulbs could increase the risk of burn if proper tanning guidelines aren’t followed, though most tanning salons are very stringent about following safe tanning guidelines.


Tanning Bed Pros

  • Tanning beds are said to be more relaxing. The tanner can lie down in an air conditioned bed and listen to music for a highly relaxing tanning session.
  • Less intense UV bulbs mean less of a chance for burning, and if the tanner prefers, a longer session for enduring relaxation.
  • Closer to the traditional outdoor method of tanning: of lying down, relaxing, and soaking up the rays.


Tanning Bed Cons

  • Because a tanner’s skin makes contact with the acrylic on the beds, there’s the possibility of an uneven tan due to skin creases.  
  • Skin contact from previous tanners on the tanning beds could provide health concern, though any legitimate tanning salon will thoroughly clean and disinfect their tanning beds, catching any bacteria that weren’t already killed by the UV.  


So as you can see, each method of UV tanning is different. In the end, each method will cater to two main types of tanners with different central aims. The tanning booth will cater to the first type of tanner, the tanner who is primarily at the salon to get an even, effective tan in the smallest amount of time possible. The tanning bed is going to cater to the second type of tanner, the tanner who has come to the salon not only to get a tan, but to lie down and relax and reap the psychological benefits of a tanning visit.

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