Color and Mood

We have talked before about establishing a good salon mood that will have a beneficial psychological effect on your customers. Establishing mood and atmosphere is essential in making your salon really stand out among the others and develop its own unique personality that people can identify with.

Salon owners everywhere work with different concepts and themes in getting the interiors of their salons to look just right, including the strategic use of color and light to bring out features of the room. Colors can have a projound effect on mood and how people feel when surrounded by them. Knowing which colors to use when putting together a theme for your salon could really help you establish that perfect feel for your salon that will attract more business.

Colors affect different people in different ways and can mean varying things depending on the person. Colors do have certain common effects that are true for most people.

 Below is a list of colors and how they affect mood.

  • Blue: Blues have been found to actually lower blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate. Blue shades tend to be associated with calm and serene moods. This color makes for an environment that is relaxing and peaceful.
  • Purple: Purple is associated with luxury and wealth, and can add a degree of sophistication. In terms of mood, purple can stimulate creativity and creative thought processes.
  • Red: Red has been shown to raise blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate. Red evokes feelings of excitement and passion and can make a room vibrant and exciting.
  • Orange: Orange is exciting and enthusiastic. This color can increase energy and is associated with athleticism and healing. Orange makes for a high energy, vigorous room.
  • Yellow: Yellow is happy and joyful. Yellow conveys sunshine and energy. A yellow room is a jolly room.
  • Green: Green is cheerful yet calming. Just as yellow and blue combine to form green, green draws a collection of complementary moods from the colors it is formed by. A green room is a warm, cheerful, yet calming room.

Of course there are many different shades in between these colors that can lend to different moods and impressions as well. It all depends on how it works with your overall theme and what you want to accomplish.

Generally, lighter colors will of course brighten up a room and make it seem more spacey, while darker colors will pull the room in and make things more close and intimate.

Neutral colors are whites, blacks, grays, and browns. These colors can be used to accent or even dominate a room (if you so choose). Whites are generally associated with cleanliness and purity, while blacks are associated with mystery and sophistication.

Colors are a very important part of the overall theme and ambiance of a salon. They establish mood and can dramatically change the overall feel of a room. Good luck crafting that perfect interior!

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