Sunset Tanz: Athens, AL First Professional Tanning Salon Chain

In December 2009 Sunset Tanz LLC President and Owner, James Harton set a new goal for his company: Branding and Expanding.

Harton was looking to move his business from a local multi city venue to a multi state venue. Although the right timing for moving into a multi state venue was still unknown, Harton knew that branding would be a key to success. With branding comes recognition, and with recognition comes high expectations from clients. One hurtle that Harton faced was build out. Although metal studs and sheet rock can recreate a location, time and time again, it was costly and time consuming. Harton recalled a modular wall set up at the Smart Tan Expo in Downtown Nashville back in October ’09 and decided to call up the little gal that he met there by the name of Kristina Admire. Admire and Harton conversed and quickly came to a conclusion: whether Sunset Tanz was to be 9 locations or 90 locations, Modular Walls would help with the brand recognition and professionalism of each and every store!

Harton and Admire quickly went to work on the details and standards of Sunset’s build out. Time was running short as January had come and gone in the blink of an eye and they had to work fast. At this point Harton knew that with deadlines, hefty regulations, and the feet dragging of city inspectors there was no way this salon location could be up and running by March using a conventional style build out. It was now that Harton knew the choice he had made was the correct one! After endless conversations with Admire, Harton was confident that the build out would take no more than 5 to 7 days tops. And that was going to be with only 2 men working full time and a 3rd man working part time. Admire and her trusty architect (who’s real name has been omitted due to the fact that he’s a spy for the CIA… [LOL, just kidding]), worked daily on the setup created as a rough drawing by Harton. Admire and Mr. Architect worked tirelessly until the job was done.  

February and March both came and went like a whirlwind with only minor issues arising; but they were quickly taken care of. Soon, the 9th Sunset Tanz location went from a dream to a reality…this dream was not only Harton’s, but also a dream that tanners in Athens, AL had been hoping would some day come true: the first professional tanning salon chain to come to Athens, AL! A sign of growth in tough economic times, not just for Sunset Tanz, but also for the city of Athens!

Now present day, Harton and the Sunset Tanz Crew continue to serve the people of Athens. The location that they had all waited for wouldn’t have been possible without Kristina Admire and the gang at Tan Wall. You might ask yourself, “What do modular walls have to do with the success of a tanning salon chain?” The answer: they have everything to do with success.

Here are reasons why you should use Tan Walls, just to name a few:

  1. Tan Walls allow for better use of space (why waste space that you’re paying rent for?).
  2. Tan Walls are quick and easy to construct (time is of the essence, time is money and time will pass you by!).
  3. Tan Walls are less expensive (not to mention, they will save your crew from a vast majority of the inspection process in many areas of the country).
  4. Tan Walls are re-usable (many times tanning salon chains will expand or relocate stores; why waste material and money?).
  5. Tan Wall creates modular walled salon build outs at an affordable price (dare to compare, you’ll be back).

In short, if you need walls for your salon, whether it be 1 location or 100, use Tan Walls!

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