Tanning and Saving The Environment

Maybe you’ve heard that our modular tanning salon walls are green; that they preserve the environment and help reduce waste. So what does it all mean? How do modular walls really help preserve the environment?

The main green feature that modular walls enjoy is that they vastly cut down on construction waste. Construction waste typically makes up around 30% of landfill waste, which is a lot of waste!

So how do they cut down in waste? The design characteristics of a modular wall allows for this in several ways.

First: modular walls are manufactured in a factory out of recycled materials. Manufacturing in a factory allows for greater control in resource and energy use, with less need to combat environmental disruptions like weather and theft. Not only are modular walls made of recycled materials, but the materials themselves are used more efficiently with every modular wall panel manufactured.

Second: Modular walls themselves are recyclable. Modular walls can easily be added or removed to expand or relocate booths without resorting to constructing with drywall or destroying existing walls. This not only saves on demolition waste, but on resources that would be used to build another wall, thereby providing a double advantage in waste reduction.

Not only do modular walls cut down on waste, they improve air quality in build sites. By manufacturing the wall panels in a factory, you can shield your customers and employees from any unwanted airborne particulates that may be stirred up or caused by traditional on site cutting and patching. Modular consruction is less messy and preserves the immediate environment as well.

Build some salon booths with modular construction and tell your customers you’ve gone green!

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