Centuries Old Russian Prison to Get Tanning Beds

Now here’s an interesting news piece that popped up: an old Russian prison (since 17th century), which is still in use today, is going to be getting some tanning beds for its 240th year anniversary. I’m not entirely sure which section of the prison pertains to the 240 years, since the prison was mentioned in texts dating back to the 17th century, but there have been additions and modernization since then.

The prison, called Butyrskaya prison, or Butyrka for short, housed many famous Russian poets, novelists, and political prisoners over the centuries, and currently faces overcrowding problems. The prison is notorious for harsh, primitive conditions.

However, perhaps some reform is underway since the prison will be getting tanning beds for the inmates. Apparently, inmates are not getting enough sunlight in the cells, so they can have a session in a tanning bed and get some Vitamin D back (for a price). Hopefully this will help with morale!

You never know who’s going to need a tanning bed.

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