Aspen Tan in Colorado

This month’s Salon Showcase, Aspen Tan in Colorado, went with our Rosewood walls with silver framing. The owners admired the “elegant, rich color” and decided that it would really lend the salon a nice “luxury tanning” atmosphere. We couldn’t agree more! Along with the bold silver framing, these rosewood walls create a truly luxurious ambience that tanners will experience as soon as they walk through the door.

The owners of Aspen Tan chose our walls after having a good experience with us in a previous salon. One of the owners, having a background in construction building homes, had some ideas of his own and went with our modular construction thanks to its ease of use and independence from the existing building. Since there was no structural change in the construction of the booths, he was able to pull permits himself, making the wall construction process that much easier.

With our modular wall system, Aspen Tan was able to put tanning beds in first, and then cleanly build the walls around them, maximizing space, which is crucial to get the most out of their rent. They put the walls in themselves, saving time and money.

As for our service, the owners reported that our own Kristina Admire was “very personable and went out of her way to ensure quality service and quick responses.” Everyone was able to work together to get the job done, exchanging updated CAD drawings to make sure the layout would be perfect.

Another beautiful tanning salon is open to the world. Our Salon Showcase of the month, Aspen Tan, is a great-looking salon that offers exceptional, luxurious tanning services to the discerning tanner!

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