Turning Back The Clock

Many in the tanning industry have recently been talking about red light therapy as an exciting new service to offer in the salon. Red light therapy involves the use of red-tinted light, usually in the form of LEDs or flourescent bulbs. Red light penetrates further into the skin, to the hypodermis layer, where it stimulates collagen production to help keep skin firm and flexible, making the user look younger.

There are manufacturers now offerning red light beds for salons and personal use, as well as more portable units for quick treatments. This is a great service to offer in a tanning salon, where many customers are going to be well-infomed on skincare, and very interested in healthy, young-looking skin as well.

Positive results from red light therapy include younger, more firm skin, the smoothing of wrinkles, increased blood flow in extremities such as the legs, clearing up of acne, and even faster healing with cuts and scrapes. These results have not been scientifically recorded, but well observed among users of the therapy.

It is important to note that red light therapy takes more time for effects to become noticeable, but the therapy could offer great long term benefits for healthy-looking skin. Definitely something to look into.

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