More Tips For Tanning Privacy

Another story is up about a peeping tom victim’s experiences of being video taped in a tanning salon. The story brings up some good points about tanning privacy.

Many tanning salons have to leave gaps between their tanning booths and their ceilings for ventilation purposes. This poses a problem for tanning booth privacy, as customers can use chairs or other props to stand on and film tanners over the partitions.

If a tanning salon has to rely on these gaps for ventilation, there are several things to consider. The salon in the article mentions separating men and women into different sections, which could prevent some of these instances. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to remain extra vigilant when tanners are in a session, keeping an eye on the space in between the gaps or possibly retaining electronic devices that could take video.

These are just some of the ways to ensure better tanning privacy. And it helps to keep in mind that these instances are pretty rare, but if they do happen, they can be very distressing for the victims, and can invite possible lawsuits.

It never hurts to ensure that the customer can be sure of their privacy when they tan.

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