Another Strange Tanning Salon Intruder

Putting “tanning salon” into the search bar of Google’s news section can sometimes yield some very interesting results. Well, putting anything into that search bar can yield pretty interesting results if you poke around long enough.

Over the past few months we’ve mentioned a few bizarre stories having to do with tanning salons that we thought our readers might be interested in. This is another one of those times.

People sometimes do strange things, which is especially the case in this article, which details the exploits of a young man (likely on some sort of powerful drug) who breaks into a tanning salon in West Virginia, trashes the place, and then smashes his way through a building next door where he ends up strangely trapped in an elevator shaft in his underwear. How this happened, we aren’t sure, and the article doesn’t say much concerning the event.

The whole episode cost the poor salon owners around $100,000 in damages. Luckily unstable people like this end up engaging in behavior that eventually ensures that they are caught by authorities and put to justice. Well, behavior like stripping down to their underwear and then jumping into elevator shafts anyway. It is our hope that the salon owners are able to recover from this unforeseen state of affairs and return to business as usual.

Stories like these really make you sit and scratch your head. The world can be a very strange place!

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2 thoughts on “Another Strange Tanning Salon Intruder

  1. Yes, that is truly bizarre. I initially thought it has something to do directly with something the tanning salon had done to a customer or something. Apparently not, like you said just someone going a little wacko and that’s the place they picked to do. We do live in a Crazy and weird world.