An Implant That Creates Tanned Skin?

There is an interesting ABC article up about an early-phase implant that is being used to treat a man with a rare skin disease that leaves him extremely sensitive to sunlight and certain forms of artificial light.

The man, who has a rare skin disease called “EPP” (erythropoietic protoporphyria) can’t be exposed to sunlight even for a short amount of time or his skin will become red and burn and become inflamed. But thanks to a new implant, which is in the form of a drug that is injected, the man can enjoy a normal life in the sun.

How does this happen? Well the drug stimulates melanin production, which helps protect him against the sunlight. This results in an actual drug-induced tan!

Of course, the drug is still in its testing stages, and not a lot is known about it. Of course it is not going to be widely used yet, except for extreme cases such as mentioned above. But still something to think about.

 There are definitely fascinating technological advances happening everyday.

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