California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Teen Tanning Ban

The teen tanning ban has been passed in California. On Sunday October 9, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a flurry of bills, including a bill that bans tanning for those 18 and under. Many younger tanners are complaining about the new ban  and many businesses are concerned that the new law is going to further hurt their businesses, seeing as how they are still taking hits from the 10% tan tax.  

Speaking of the tan tax, it has been relatively quiet around the repeal effort. It looks like businesses are starting to come to terms with the tax, but if we here any more about the repeal we will definitely post something. But it is hard to tell if there will be a movement to repeal the teen tanning ban as well. From the looks of things, some salon owners are angry, and then some are just quietly rearranging their business to cope with the changes. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

As for the rest of the country and the world: thirty states have some form of restriction on indoor tanning. Texas has an indoor tanning ban for anyone under 16. New York, Illinois, Ohio and Rhode Island have bans close to the strictness of California’s. As for the rest of the world, several European countries, including England and France, have banned tanning beds and booths for anyone under 18, just like California. Brazil has actually outlawed indoor tanning completely. And then in certain cosmopolitan areas in China such as Hong Kong, tanning is becoming more popular, but we aren’t sure what the restrictions are yet. It is still sort of a mixed bag.

Hopefully the tanning industry pulls through. Many businesses are adjusting their marketing strategies and pursuing other means to keep their business going, including offering other services such as spray tanning and red light therapy. Time will tell!

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