Another Perspective on the Tanning Debate

Everyone, including us, has been busy taking sides on the debates behind the tanning bans and the tanning tax. The whole tanning debate concerning sunscare and how much you should tan seems like ancient history, but its still important to these issues.

We came across another writer’s opinion that got us thinking about this issue again. Her blog post brought up a good point: why are so many commenters and lawmakers picking on tanning lately? Isn’t anything in excess harmful to an extent?

This brings us back to the sunscare debates. Can’t we tan in moderation and get our dose of Vitamin D? Why slather on sunscreen and go around with hats and sunglasses all the time in total fear of the sun? Vampires do this, sure, but will our skin burst in flames if we get hit with sunlight?

Tanning beds emit similar sorts of UV rays. Tanning proponents often claim that tan skin actually protects the sun from harmful burns, which are the real culprit. So what’s wrong with hitting the tanning beds here and there, getting a base tan, and then enjoying sunny vacation spots without having to worry so much about burns?

We talk about having too much alcohol or eating too much all the time, which can definitely be harmful, but that doesn’t lead us to condemn drinking and eating all in one breath. Can’t we just do everything in moderation? Just something to think about.

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