February Tanning Legislation and other News

There are a few more things happening this month that could have some significance for the tanning industry. We are currently experiencing a slow process in which tanning bills are coming up in state legislatures around the country, and according to the state, either are being passed or shot down. Depending on where tanning salon owners live and depending on the traffic they get and the various habits of their customers, these bills could affects on business and they could not.

A bill being proposed in Utah right now would require minors’ parents to overview tanning guidelines and cautions in order for minors under 18 to tan. The bill probably wouldn’t change much; many tanning salons already engage in this process. The bill may or not pass depending on who opposes it.

Another parental permission tanning bill was struck down in Colorado. The bill would have required minors under 18 to get parent permission, and minors under 14 to have their parents come with them to tan, but opponents said the bill amounted to needless red tape and that it was up to the parents anyway whether their children could tan, so the bill was struck down.

Many tanning salon owners are still not too concerned about teen tanning restrictions or even bans. They say very few of their customers are below 18 and when they are that young they come in with their parents anyway. Still, there are others in the industry that are strongly opposed to the bans because of lost revenue and possibly hurt business.

Also, celebrities and tans!

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