Teens and Younger Adults Still Like to Tan

Despite a lot of negative coverage of the tanning industry in the news and all the constraints imposed over the last year such as the tanning tax and the teen tanning bans, tanning remains a fashionable activity among teenagers and young adults.

That’s mainly because popular culture still holds tanned skin as healthy-looking and attractive. If people aren’t in the booths tanning, they are applying tanning sprays and creams to get that bronze skin color.

Many kids and young adults like to tan before Spring Break so they can look good and not have to worry as much about burning during their vacation. Many tanning salons get a surge of business right before Spring Break with students looking to get a base tan before they go on their sunny vacations. These students like to tan and workout for an improved body image and a chance to show off for their peers during the break.

Even during the off seasons, younger adults and teens like to come in for a tan because they like to feel warm and many report that it makes them feel good not only while tanning but in terms of state of mind. Tanners get their doses of Vitamin D and feel happier even during the off days.

Given these ongoing trends, the tanning industry should be doing okay for some time to come.

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