March Tanning News

Last month we talked about a tanning bill not making it in Colorado and another considered in Utah. This month, the debate continues in other state legislatures. There are more states now considering the teen tanning ban. That is, a ban on indoor tanning for anyone under 18.

Rhode Island is now considering a tanning bill. Legislators are looking to limit indoor tanning to those 18 and over. One thing about the linked Rhode Island article is that some business owners were saying their teen tanners took up anywhere up to 20% of their business and complained that such a bill would in fact hurt business. So different businesses in different locations could be affected differently.

Legislators in Illinois are considering a teen ban bill as well.  One business owner complained that spring break business with young tanners added up to as much as 40% of business at times, so again, depending on the location of the business and the clientele, these bills could have little to dramatic affect.

These bans are being considered by other states as well. It is hard to tell at this point where the bans will pass and where they will be fought back. And various tanning business owners have differing opinions on the matter, though some complain that the tanning tax and the ban are dramatically hurting business.

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