More March Tanning News

We have plenty of tanning-related news and information to share this week. Among the topics you may find interesting: states considering and passing/rejecting tanning bills, tanning trends, the beginning of tanning season, and etc.

Lawmakers in Connecticut are considering a teen tanning ban, while British Colombia just announced a ban themselves (evidently Nova Scotia opted for one last year). However, a teen tanning ban was recently rejected in Maryland. 

And here’s a short informative article about an alternative spray tan for those of your customers (or even yourself) that are allergic to the DHA compound in the more common spray tans. The alternate product is a bit pricier, but contains the compound erythrulose that can be used as an alternative for allergic customers.   

And as the weather grows warmer, tanning season is beginning (a bit early many have noted). So tanning salons can expect spikes in business with clients coming in for base tans. And fake tan trends are on the rise as well, such as in Britain where women are buying fake tan products especially for their legs, now that the warm weather is coming in.

And that’s it for this month!

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