TanWall Construction: Is it Sturdy?

Well you already know that answer is going to be yes! But we’ve come across some products by competitors that we weren’t so sure about and we’d like to stress how important it is to know that your salon walls are going to be dependable and secure, though we don’t need to tell you that!

Consider TanWalls: our walls feature an inner core that affords superior insulation and sound proofing. You know you won’t be getting flimsy walls or plyboard stalls or anything like that; you won’t be getting thin walls that pass sounds like nothing or that could be damaged easily. You want your tanners to feel secure and private in their own personal tanning space.

So what about frames? We’ve seen salon booths with plastic frames that have been unsecured to the floor. But TanWall frames are anodized aluminum and the walls themselves are bolted into the ground on tracks. This way, you don’t have to worry about potential peeping toms peering under the gaps with their cellphones. Again, tanners want a secure personal space to tan in where they can be ensured they won’t be watched. Getting caught by a peeping tom can be a traumatizing experience and offended tanners can seek lawsuits from the various parties involved.

Bolted walls with aluminum frames gaurantee an increased sturdiness and security that isn’t found in other wall systems. And our walls are built using a modular construction process that has been refined over the course of 30 years by an actual commercial modular construction company. These modular tanning booth walls are sturdy. They are even used for 2 story buildings.

Yep, many flexible or maneuverable wall systems are often temporary or flimsy in order to be affordable and flexible. But our wall systems are sturdy and secure and are meant to be permanent solutions if needed. Or they can be moved around. Whatever is needed at the time.

So keep all that in mind when you are shopping for salon walls. There are plenty of awesome wall systems and modes of construction out there, but very few reach the combined qualities of flexibility, sturdiness, security, stylishness, and affordability that our TanWall systems demonstrate.

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