Tanner Privacy: Does TanWall Deliver?

In the last post, we talked about how sturdy and secure our walls are considering their flexible, versatile nature. In that post we touched a bit on tanner privacy and the fact that our walls provided excellent levels of privacy, but considering the importance of the subject, we thought we’d go more in depth on the subject.

After all, when you read in the news about peeping toms in tanning salons, you get a good idea of how traumatic the experience of being spied on is for tanners (they often report feeling violated among things), and how troublesome the whole affair is for salon owners (sometimes there are lawsuits or just having that kind of drama at the salon is never desirable), so it is a good idea to think about tanner privacy when you are building your salon.

TanWall salon walls address several of these issues and help create a secure, comfortable space for your tanners to tan. As we mentioned previously, our walls bolt securely to the floor, leaving no gaps for potential peepers to get under. Also, our walls are generally 8 ft high, making it difficult for a peeping tom to peer over the wall to catch a glimpse.

Our locking booth doors are sturdy and provide that extra sense of security for your tanners. Also, the walls themselves are solid with an insulating inner core that contributes to sound proofing so that tanners feel as if they have their own private tanning zone.

This latter point is important as well. It is not only preferable to prevent the peeping toms from crashing a tanner’s session, it is also essential that your tanners feel comfortable and secure in your tanning booths to complete the experience. Many tanners are going to be conscious of their bodies, and disrobing in a public place is always an uncomfortable experience for many people, so in order to make the tanning experience as positive as possible, it is important that you accommodate your tanners’ concerns.

We have these concerns and more in mind when it comes to the designs of our tanning salon walls. We want our clients satisfied and our tanners tanning happily and comfortably!

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