TanWall Modular Walls: Permanent or Temporary?

The short answer is that they can be both, depending on what you need! The advantage of the type of modular walls that are used with TanWall construction is that they are flexible yet durable and sturdy so that they can either be used in temporary applications for a quick solution, or they can function as a permanent solution after they are installed.

If you are under a strict timeframe for opening a new salon and you need to get business going right away, TanWall modular walls are a great solution. The walls go up fast so you can get the salon running right away; all you need to do is think up your dream salon layout and we design it for you, then manufacture it and ship it to you, ready to be installed. Modular walls are flexible: their universal panel design allows them to be installed quickly and rearranged or removed and relocated just as easily, giving your business maximum flexibility and mobility.

Modular walls are quick and easy to set up, and just as easy to take down and relocate, which makes them great temporary solutions. But just because they make great temporary solutions doesn’t mean they’re only temporary solutions. These walls make great long term solutions as well if you are looking for a permanent salon design or even change your mind and want your salon walls to stay for a while.

We’ve talked about how sturdy these walls are. These are commercial-grade construction walls that are used in 2 story buildings. These are walls that are built to last for as long as you need them.

So whether you need a permanent solution or a temporary solution, or even if you need to switch between the two, TanWall modular walls have the versatility to function as both!

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