TanWall Modular Walls Can be Used for Just About Anything!

As we’ve mentioned before, TanWalls are very flexible and can be used in a variety of situations. For example, the weak economy has hit many of the luxury industries especially hard. Tanning salons, day spas, various parlors, and hair and nail salons have all suffered as consumers cut back on their spending. However various businesses in these industries have managed to survive in the recession due to smart budgeting, business planning, innovation, marketing, and quality service. And many businesses across these industries have found it advantageous to use TanWalls.

One thing these businesses have in common is their increasing use of modular construction for their business needs, which is where TanWall comes in. Today’s small business knows it has to be efficient with its resources and flexible in adjusting to the changing conditions of the market.

So what is it about modular construction and TanWalls in particular that makes it so desirable for various businesses? Well first off modular construction is cost effective and time efficient. Modular wall systems are manufactured in a factory away from the business site. Within the factory, recycled materials are used as efficiently as possible to manufacture the end product in less time, which helps cut costs. Then when it comes time to install the walls, the walls go up in hours, allowing businesses to open new locations quickly.

Modular wall systems are highly flexible as well. So if a business needs to remodel or repurpose their facilities, the walls can come right out and be moved in the desired positions, or even be transported to a new location. This allows businesses of all types to shape their facilities as they see fit, with little time constraint. This ability allows businesses to keep up with market trends and organize their facilities as they see fit. For example, if a day spa business or a tanning salon need to downsize or expand, they can do so with minimal hassle and without a need for messy construction and alterations. Or they can partition off a new room with some modular walls to make room for a new service.   

So we’ve been talking about modular walls and their usefulness, but how do these businesses use them? Well, what these businesses all have common is they cater to customers that are looking to engage in activities where privacy is appreciated. Tanning salons need booths for their tanners; day spas need booths for their specialized treatments and massages; doctors and dentists even use them for their patients! These customers (and patients) enjoy their own booths to tan in or be massaged and pampered in. So modular walls provide an ideal structure for quickly establishing these booths, while the walls themselves are suitable for permanent solutions, and look modern and attractive as well.

Businesses everywhere are adopting what methods they can to save money and become more flexible and nimble in their efforts to adapt to changing markets. Modular construction is one of these useful methods that allows businesses to save money and organize their facilities as they see fit, without having to deal with messy construction and the resulting downtime. For these reasons, and their ability to be used in just about any application, TanWalls are great for many kinds of businesses!

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