Smart Tan’s Upcoming Symposium on the UV Debate

The July issue of Smart Tan magazine informs us that there will be a substantial event coming this October in Nashville: a scientific symposium on the UV debate. The symposium, which takes place in Nashville, Tennessee on October 19, will follow in the footsteps of last year’s, Vitamin D Foundation Scientific Symposium. This year’s symposium will take place as a part of the Smart Tan Downtown trade convention this year.

During the symposium, a panel of scientistists will present their findings on various contentious questions that could have a dramatic effect on everything we think about the sun, UV, and vitamin D.

For example, what are natural UV levels? How much UV exposure do most people get today? How much UV exposure does a sunbed user get? How much UV exposure do you get if you use the recommend amounts of sunscreen? What do we know about the risks and benefits of UV exposure and tanning bed usage? What are natural vitamin D levels and are we maintaining them? Who is at risk for deficiencies? What sorts of conditions are associated with vitamin D deficiency?¬†What do we know about UV-induced vitamin D as opposed to the dietary form? What’s going on with the sun scare messaging? Yes, many important questions for sure. Anyone interested in these questions would do well to attend this symposium.

There’s going to be plenty going on at this year’s Smart Tan convention. We will see many new exciting tanning products and services, and get a good reading of the latest trends and movements in the industry. This year’s UV and vitamin D symposium is another great reason to go to this year’s convention. Presenters will be discusses some of the biggest issues facing the industry today.

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