Building Salon Walls: Why Modular Construction?

Modular tanning salon walls.

Want a great-looking tanning salon like this one? Use modular walls.

So you’re building out a new tanning salon and you’re wondering how you’d like to construct your salon booth walls. What kind of walls do you choose? What kind of construction do you use? Of course, what you are ultimately going to work with is going to depend on the space you are renting.

Are there already rooms established? Or are you working with an empty space? If the answer is the latter, you have several construction options to consider.

You could go the hard construction route and look to using stick built walls with drywall or some sort of concrete solution. Of course, that method can be time-consuming and the costs can add up fast, especially if mistakes are made on the dimensions. Resources could be used unevenly. This process is known for generating unnecessary land fill waste. And what sort of time frame are you looking at? Do you have the time for the walls to be constructed and the patching and painting? The coordinating with sub-contractors? If you have experience and resources for this kind of thing, you could certainly end up with a nice-looking salon.

But then what about the alternatives? Have you considered plyboard stalls or something of that nature? These are much more time-effective options to be sure. You just install the walls and you are all set to go. But these types of stalls often look cheesy and could feature gaps that peeping toms could exploit to get a look at your tanners.

Finally we get to modular construction. Let’s cut to the chase: modular construction combines the best of both worlds. You get the portability and flexibility of room stalls without the cheesiness and flimsiness. And you get the sturdiness of hard construction. When these walls are installed they are there to stay. Of course if you want them to stay. You can always dismount them and take them wherever you want if you wish. But if you are looking for a permanent solution, modular walls stand firm as if you have rooms made with hard construction.

Modular walls use resources and time more efficiently, cutting down on costs. And if you need to get your salon opened quick, they take a fraction of the time to install as opposed to hard construction methods. And on top of all that, these walls look great! Just check out our gallery and you’ll find out all you need to know. Modular walls are the way to go.

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