Diversifying Salon Revenue: Body Wraps

We’ve talked about various salon efforts to maintain revenues in a tough economy: salon owners developing their own unique tanning space to compete in theĀ  market, getting involved in the community for more exposure, and diversifying their services such as offering various lotions, adding spray tanning services, and adding services like red light therapy. Another trend that has been going on is that salon owners are expanding their services to include body wraps for their customers. These efforts can help to bring in more customers and maintain revenue.

Body wraps are traditionally used in day spas, but are being increasingly adopted in places like tanning salons. Body wraps consist of wrapping the client in various materials. Spas have used many different types of materials with different ingredients, but what is popular now is the body wrap with thermal strips. These thermal strips are wrapped around the client and the client lays there for around 30 minutes for a relaxing experience.

Body wraps warm the client and help moisturize. They give the client a nice period of relaxation in which they can lay there and enjoy the warmth. Various body wrap claims offer the temporary reduction of cellulite and minor weight, as well as detox and skin moisturization. It is a great way to give your tanners the spa treatment right there in your salon.

Salon owners everywhere are coming up with clever ways to increase their business and expand their services, making their salon a more attractive stop for many customers. Body wraps are one of the latest trends that many owners are catching onto in order to grow their business.

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