Tanning Salon Sales Tips


Tanning salons have a loyal group of customers who see the benefits of indoor tanning.  Most of these customers visit on a regular basis, and here a few simple tips to keep your current customers happy as well as garner new customers.

Customers love a great deal, and one of the most common deals comes in the form of a package.  When you can bundle together several items and offer a fair price for all of them, customers get excited.  The fast food industry has been using these types of deals, commonly called “combos,” and most customers are already used to purchasing items in this manner.  These bundles can include everything from tanning accelerators to goggles.

A great way to incentivize current customers is to offer upgrades.  A practical example of this would be to offer special upgrade packages if more sessions are purchased such as including a set of goggles or an “after tan wipe.”  These types of upgrades can show customers that you appreciate them and introduce them to new products.

Lastly, monthly clubs are a great way to boost revenue.  Monthly clubs have been used by the wine industry for years as a means to regularly bill clients and offer a service they are interested in.  Monthly clubs for tanning salons can be as simple is charging a flat monthly fee for disposable goggles or offering a new type of lotion and issuing it once a month.

In closing, offering some incentives or special deals is a great way to increase business.  If it is done correctly, customers will feel appreciated and they will be introduced to new products.  Do you have any great tips or tricks?  Let us know in the comments below!

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