Transforming Your Tanning Salon

Cherryood TanWalls

It isn’t easy to own a tanning salon… the market is competitive amongst other salons and customers turning to local department stores for “at home” tanning solutions.  New laws and regulations are always popping up surrounding tanning salons.  And like any other business, tanning salons are always looking for new ways to bring customers through their doors.

What makes the successful stores stand out amongst their competition?  Honestly, there are a number of factors.  What is really important is that your store provides value and a comfortable atmosphere for customers.  Value is quite easy to provide through prices at appropriate levels, customer reward programs and a friendly and engaging staff.

Providing a comfortable atmosphere relies partially on the design of your store.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be a complicated intricate process hiring an interior designer.  One method many salons have used is through the aid of modular construction.  This method of construction has been gaining popularity and is a great cost affordable method for salons.

Our modular wall systems provide a means for salon owners to easily transform a plain looking retail location into a beautiful tanning salon.  This process works by creating all the walls and other components in a factory.  The finished pieces are sent directly to the salon where they can be set up incredibly quickly.  No need for a private contractor; these walls can be installed with ease by just about anyone.

TanWall’s modular wall system also comes with a unique flexibility which allows the walls to be reconfigured or moved based on the needs of your salon.  The walls are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes and will make your salon look amazing.

Do you want to learn more about how modular walls can help your salon?  Contact one of our design specialists today for more information!

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