Vitamin D: Important For Strong Bones


Several new research studies have shown how important vitamin D is to our bodies.  Vitamin D comes with a host of health benefits and is a necessary vitamin for a variety of healthy bodily functions.  One recent study has shown that a lack of vitamin D could be harmful to our bones.

Bones go through a process called mineralization which makes bones hard and keeps them strong.  Research has shown that vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium, and when vitamin D is lacking, our bodies pull the calcium from our bones.  Not only does this make the bones weaker, it also leads to premature aging of the bones.

Many people are lacking in vitamin D because they spend less time outdoors.  About ten to fifteen minutes is all that is needed for our bodies to create the necessary amount of vitamin D.  Sometimes spending that amount of time outside can be tough because of weather or due to busy schedules.  Vitamin D can be found naturally in foods like fruits and vegetables, but it is becoming increasingly common to see foods fortified with vitamin D like cereals and milk.

There is an additional solution to getting the vitamin D your body needs; tanning salons.  Many people simply associate the tanning salon with a place to make your skin look a little darker.  The lights commonly found in tanning beds can also help your body create vitamin D.  So not only will you be getting a great tan, you’ll also be strengthening your bones!

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