Tenant Improvement For Tanning Salon Owners

Modular tanning salon walls.

Want a great-looking tanning salon like this one? Use modular walls.

Opening a new tanning salon can be quite the experience.  As with any retail business come many challenges, such as staff hiring and training, as well as researching and acquiring tanning beds, sprayless tanning booths, tanning lotions and other retail supplies.  In addition to finding solutions to these items, many salon owners may need to make some renovations to ensure the location meets the needs of their salon.

For salon owners that are renting or leasing the space, many landlords offer a tenant improvement allowance.  Depending on how much work needs to be done, salon owners may have to stretch these dollars, and finding solutions with the best value is absolutely critical.

One solution that many salon owners have used with great success is modular construction.  TanWall has been using modular construction to provide salon owners with high quality modular walls and partitions.  Our walls are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors and can be customized to meet your salon’s needs.

Our modular tanning walls provide your store with a unique flexibility not found with other means of construction.  If you would like to change the layout of your store or move to a new location, our modular walls can be reconfigured or moved with ease.

Would you like to learn more about how TanWall can help with your tenant improvements?  Contact one of our design specialists to learn more.

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