Tan Whale


Did you know that whales can get tan?  It’s true, and in a recent study scientists have observed that whales’ skin actually darkens as they spend more time near the surface.  So the bigger question is do whales visit the tanning salon?

Yes, that was a bad joke, but as summer has officially ended are you looking to maintain your tan?  Fall is in the air, and many customers are looking for a convenient way to keep up their gorgeous summer tan.  As the fall progresses it is a great time to improve upon your salon.

We’ve worked with thousands of salons across the country to help them revitalize their salons.    Our modular solutions are not only affordable, but also easily installed.  No need to hire a private contractor or a bevy of subcontractors to handle framing, patching, painting and electrical.  Our modular walls can be quickly and easily installed by the average person.

Our walls are customizable with various colors, doors and other accessories.  Best of all, our walls can be moved or rearranged based on the needs of your salon.  Would you like learn about how our modular solutions can help your salon?  Contact us today to speak with one of our talented design managers.

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