An Alternative To Traditional Methods Of Tanning Salon Construction

Modular tanning salon walls.

We work with tanning salons quite frequently, and we hear many of the same stories over and over again.  It typically starts with the salon wanting to do a remodel or some kind of tenant improvement.  A few Google searches (or in some cases a phone book) and a  general contractor is picked out of the blue.

With contractors often come delays.  These delays might be from materials not being in stock, laborers or sub-contractor availability, and even inclement weather.  These delays are not only inconvenient, but can also be incredibly costly, as your salon may need to be closed during the construction process.

What makes this process worse is the dust.  On-site construction projects generate waste and dust.  This is not only a hassle to clean up, but also requires everything important to be covered in plastic.  This entire process is incredibly intrusive and causes lots of headaches for the salon owner.

Many salons are turning to a building alternative called modular construction.  This style of construction is much more convenient for the salon owner and is completed in a fraction of the time of traditional methods of building, without all the dust or on-site construction.

At TanWall we’ve been helping salons across the country using our streamlined modular construction solutions.  Our walls, doors and other components are fabricated at one of our three US facilities.  All of our products are checked for quality assurance and carefully packaged for shipment to your salon.

Once the components arrive they are easily assembled without the need of a general contractor.  Contact us today to learn more about our modular solutions for your salon.

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