Getting Vitamin D From The Tanning Salon


Vitamin D is an incredibly unique vitamin, as it is one that is created by our bodies.  Simply spending a little bit of time outdoors will help your body create this powerful vitamin.

Vitamin D can help our bodies with the following:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Maintain body weight
  • Reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis
  • Reduce asthma symptoms
  • Lower the risk of heart attack

Vitamin D is amazing, but unfortunately, most of us don’t spend enough time outside to take advantage of this powerful vitamin.  Many people are turning toward tanning salons to help their bodies create vitamin D!

Everyone’s skin has a little bit different pigmentation, and if you’ve never been to the tanning salon it is best to consult with a tanning salon employee.  They can help guide you with how much time you should spend in a tanning booth, as well as achieve your desired outcome.

We’ve been helping tanning salon owners create salons that not only look great but also help to enhance their customers’ experience for over 25 years.  We specialize in creating tanning salon walls that are easily installed and are available in many different options and colors.

Would you like to learn more?  Contact us today to speak to one of our design specialists.

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