3 Questions You Should Be Asking At The Tanning Salon


The tanning salon is used by people of all walks of life.  You may have been tanning for years, or perhaps you are new to the salon, and it is always important to be informed.  Here are three common questions most people have about visiting the tanning salon.

1. Am I using the right lotions?

Most tanning salons sell a wide variety of lotions, but some people prefer to bring their own lotions which they have purchased online, at another salon, or a different retailer.  Lotions produce different kinds of results, but there is definitely one kind of lotion you should avoid using at the salon and that is the oil used for outdoor tanning.

Not only are these oils harmful to the tanning bed, they can also inhibit the indoor tanning process.  If you have any questions about what kind of lotions you should be using, be sure to consult the staff members at the salon.

2. How often should I be tanning?

How often you visit the tanning salon is based on a lot of factors like your skin as well as your desired results.  That being said, the FDA recommends at least 24 hours in between trips to the salon, and most salons typically recommend 48 hours.  If you have specific questions about your skin and the tanning salon, please consult your physician. If you would like to get a little more color and are pressed for time you could always add in a spray tan.

3. Is eye protection really necessary?

Yes, you should always wear eye goggles when visiting the tanning salon.  It is actually a Federal U.S. law that salons provide eye protection for their customers.  The protective goggles used at the salon are designed to keep out 99% of UVA and UVB rays.

We hope you enjoyed these tanning tips and visit our blog for regular updates, tips and tricks.

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