3 Tips For The Tanning Salon


Summer is here and it is time to get that tan!  The sun is out and many folks are spending more time at the beach or at the pool, and that warm golden glow makes you look and feel great in a swimsuit.

Before you head over to the tanning salon, here are a few great tips that can enhance your tanning experience.

1. It’s all about the skin

If you are frequently tanning you’ll want to make sure to use that loufa and exfoliate.  Getting rid of those dead skin cells can help ensure that you have a nice even tan.  Additionally, keeping your skin well moisturized can also greatly aid in the tanning process.

2. Talk to the pros

Whether you are new to tanning or frequently visit the salon, it is always important to consult with the staff.  Let them know the desired results you are looking for, and they can help by providing recommendations for lotions as well as how to properly use the tanning machines.

3. Enjoy the process

Like most things in life there is a bit of a process that comes with tanning.  It will typically take a few visits to achieve the desired results you are looking for in skin color.  Enjoy the process; sit back and relax as your skin gets that perfect glow for summer.

Enjoy your trip to the salon!

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