Helping Tanning Salons For Over 25 Years


At TanWall we’ve had the honor of working with salons around the world of all shapes and sizes.  As many of you know, our creating or revamping a salon can be a lot of work, and we’ve helped lots of salons save time and money.

What’s the secret behind helping these salons?  The big secret is modular construction.  Perhaps you’ve heard of modular construction as applied to homes or schools, but it is actually used by businesses around the world.  Modular construction has been in business for about a hundred years and has revolutionized the way construction works.

Modular construction has changed the face of construction by handling most of the building process off-site in a factory.  A factory provides a great environment for fabrication as it allows a lot of the variables to be controlled.  This means all the raw materials, tools and equipment are all in the same place and don’t have to be moved to the job site.

The factory saves your salon a lot of headaches as there won’t be the constant stream of workers coming and going, the construction mess, and all the loud noise.  This also leads to a “greener” product that is better for the environment.  This means that excess materials can be recycled or reused.

Since the building process takes place away from your salon, this means that installation happens much faster than traditional methods of building.  On the average, a modular building project versus one completed with conventional building,  is 40% – 60% faster.  With a faster build time   your salon can open even quicker, or if you are remodeling you won’t have to close your business during the process.

Our wall systems are installed incredibly easily.  They ship directly from our factories to your salons and can be installed very quickly.  All that is required is a few basic tools and your walls will be up before you know it.  Best of all, if you need to move or reconfigure the walls, modular construction provides this kind of flexibility.

We have worked with many different salons to create elegant and fully customizable wall systems.  Our walls don’t require any patching or painting and are available in many different color options.  Additionally, our raceways can easily accommodate phone and data or electrical lines.

Would you like to learn more about how TanWall can help your salon?  Call 866-826-9255 to speak with one of our  design managers.

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