Looking Great For The Summer


Swimsuit season is still here, and there is plenty of time to hang out by the pool or the beach. With all of our busy schedules it can sometimes be hard to spend the time outdoors to get that golden look before heading off to that party where you need to look your best.

Indoor tanning is a great way to obtain that gorgeous summer look. Here are a few things you can do to get ready for your trip to the salon.

1. Start with Clean Skin
Prepping your skin ahead of time will help ensure you are getting the most out of your tanning experience. Make sure your skin is clean using a light soap or body wash, and exfoliating can help the process too.

2. Moisturize Skin
After you are done showering, applying a light moisturizer or lotion will help keep your skin from getting dry. As a good rule of thumb, be sure to use unscented lotions before using the salon.

3. After the Tan
After you’ve spent your desired time in the tanning bed you’ll want to avoid showering for a little while. Even though you are out of the tanning bed, your skin is still tanning. It is advised to typically wait about three hours before showering after visiting the salon.

We hope that you have a great tanning experience and enjoy that golden color by the beach, pool or BBQ!

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