The Smart Choice For Tanning Salon Design


TanWall has been helping salons around the world for over 25 years.  Our modular wall system continues to be incredibly popular and the smart choice to make in designing a new salon.  What separates our wall system from many of the other construction options out there is the design flexibility, customization and great tax benefits.

Our modular wall system will help transform an empty space into a fully functional salon in much less time than it would take with traditional construction.  Our wall system is fabricated at one of our three U.S. based facilities where all the components are skillfully created using green construction methods.

We ship the components to your salon where they are installed in a fraction of the time it would take for a general contractor to show up, make a mess, and put in a permanent solution.  Our modular walls are incredibly durable and leave you the option to reconfigure or move them at a later time if needed.

Our walls aren’t the only things that are being used to transform salons, as we have a number of other solutions too.  We’ve created a unique retail selling solution that will not only provide a great way to sell your products, but also a means for your customers to see retail merchandise.

Having a place to sell lotions, clothing, and other tanning accessories at the salon is a great way to enhance your customer’s experience.  We offer two different kinds of retail displays for your convenience.  Our single- sided display is designed to be mounted against a wall.  The other model is double- sided and is designed to be a standalone unit.  Both displays can be equipped with shelving and/ or hooks.

Additionally, we also provide receptionist desks.  These desks are typically placed at the front of your salon and a great place for your staff to greet customers.  We offer several different models of reception desks which are suitable for salons big and small.  These desks are available in different sizes and colors that can be matched to your salon.

If you would like to see pictures of our salon walls, retail displays, reception desks and many of the other products we offer, please visit our website.  We have lots of pictures as well as the various options and accessories that are available with each item.

Do you have questions or want to learn more?  Give us a call at 866-826-9255

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