Walls For Your Tanning Salon

Cherryood TanWalls

It finally feels like some of this late summer / early fall heat is  starting to subside.  The fall leaves will be here soon enough, but that doesn’t have to mean you get rid of your tan as the season changes.

We are currently working on salons around the country to provide a few simple improvements that will not only benefit some stores but also provide a better experience for their customers.

TanWall is an industry leader in providing walls for tanning salons.  Our walls are incredibly unique because they are fabricated using modular construction.  We build all of our walls in- house in our U.S. factories.

Our modular wall system is designed so that you can customize  specifically for your salon.  Our raceways make for an easy way to add phone, data or electrical lines, and we can even pre-wire electrical for you.  The TanWall modular wall system is installed in a fraction of the time it would take for most remodel jobs, and it doesn’t come with all the mess and noise.

Would you like to learn more about our tanning salon walls?  Visit our website or call us at 866-826-9255.

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