Retail Display Walls


At TanWall our goal isn’t just to make high quality salon walls; we also want to create additional products that will really make your salon stand out.  We’ve developed a number of tools to better the experience for your customers, and they can also help increase your profits.

One of these solutions that we have created is our retail display walls.  Many tanning salons have learned that by providing products such as lotions, clothing and other accessories at their stores can help increase their revenue.  Even taking a small bit of lobby space and providing a dedicated selling area can make a huge difference.

Our retail displays fulfill this task perfectly and are designed to be configured within your salon.  We offer two different display walls.  One type of display wall is two- sided and designed to be free- standing as well as to display merchandise from either side.  We also have a single- sided retail display that is designed to be used against an existing wall.

Would you like to learn more about our retail walls and other tanning salon solutions?  Visit our website for more information or call us at 866-826-9255.

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