There Is A Lot To Love About Modular Tanning Walls

hot spot tanning bed

There is a whole lot to love about TanWall’s modular wall system.  Our walls are used in highly rated salons around the world, and our customers have loved the flexibility and durability that comes with our products.

In addition to our standard colors and options, we also offer many unique upgrades to personalize our wall system for your salon.  Here are some of the options that we have available:

  • Wall Thickness (2”&4”)
  • Custom Framing Colors
  • Different Door Sizes & Specialty Doors
  • Custom Wall Colors
  • Electrical
  • Factory Certified Installation Service

Head over to our website to learn about the many options we have available for your salon wall project.  Also, feel free to give us a call at 866-826-9255.

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